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Modbus PCB

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This PCB takes 7.5 V to 36 V input and A+ and B- from a Modbus RS485 serial link and pass it on to the SiPy, LoPy4, Gpy and FiPy chips from pycom.io. This allows you to communicate to and from MODBUS RS485 to NB-IoT, Sigfox, WIFI, LoRaWan or Bluetooth as supported by the pycom.io chip you decide to plug into the thing.

Tingkart will provide a sample code for up and downlink messages via Modbus RS485 to LoRaWan in Micropython, if you have other requirements look at the pycom docs for details.

Modbus is a messaging protocol that defines the packet structure for transferring data between devices in a master/slave architecture. The protocol is independent of the transmission medium and is usually transmitted over TCP (MODBUS TCP) or serial communication (MODBUS RTU). Have a look at for details micropython modbus

Pycom modul er ikke inkludert og må kjøpes utenom.